Anionic Surfactant 4

Niaproof® Anionic Surfactant 4

Niaproof Anionic Surfactant 4 (NAS4) is a common ingredient in a variety of applications.

For Molding it decreases mulling time and provides more uniform sized sand for use in casting molds and cores.

Niaproof Anionic Surfactant 4 is used in Pickling applications, as it reduces the amount of acid required for pickling while decreasing pickling time and providing a more uniform pickling solution.

Niaproof Anionic Surfactant 4 is used in Textile processing / Desizing because it improves the efficiency of desizing agents. During Textile Dying, it aids in rapid and level dying (including densely packed materials and leather) providing uniform penetration.

Carbonization is achieved in less time with less damage to the wool. And in Kier Boiling it is used to offset alkali in kier boiling operations.

Niaproof Anionic Surfactant 4 is used in Household & Industrial Cleaners and Wallpaper Penetrant to eliminate much of the work involved in scrubbing or wallpaper removal. In Metal Processing / Cleaning applications it is coupled with alkali, produces a surface cleaner that works more rapidly than alkali alone, providing a thoroughly clean surface suitable for plating or spraying. In Electrolytic Cleaning, it decreases the surface tension of the electrolytic solution to allow for the release of the hydrogen byproduct. In Plating applications, it eliminates impurity pitting by dissolving without haze while decreasing the surface tension of the bath.

When Niaproof Anionic Surfactant 4 is used in rubless polishes, less time and effort are needed to ensure a uniform product and the dry film of this product has a good luster and is more even than the film of the polish made by traditional methods.

In Latex Preparations it has excellent emulsifying properties combined with moderate tolerance for pigments & hard water. NAS 4 is a preferred emulsifier for the polymerization of acrylic ester monomers and vinyl esters of higher fatty acids.

In Pharmaceutical applications it enhances bactericidal properties of antiseptics and promotes rapid fixing of histological specimens

Available Grades and Packaging

Niaproof Anionic Surfactant 4 is a liquid, colorless to light amber. It is available in 5-gallon polyethylene pails (44 pounds), 55-gallon polyethylene drums (461 pounds), 2300-pound IBC Tote and bulk shipments.