Want to make food your customers can trust?
With ProNiaturèl we’re taking back (microbial) control, with a suite of pure ingredients that allow you to label products as free from anything artificial . All products in the ProNiaturèl range will undergo C 14 analysis, a testament of our commitment to ensure the purity and integrity of the entire portfolio. As an authority in clean label food safety and for bakery, mold control we can guarantee effectiveness. We are ProNiaturèl , cleanly effective.

The key behind the new ProNiaturèl range is in its transparency. We begin the process by using straightforward, familiar ingredients from which we create consumer-friendly preservatives – perfect for clean label solutions.

Offering unparalleled efficacy, all products in the ProNiaturèl range are produced as a free-flowing powder or granulate to reduce transportation and storage costs and help maintain a greener carbon footprint. Plus, as part of our commitment to providing transparent clean label ingredients, all products in the ProNiaturèl range will undergo C-14 analysis, ensuring the product is made from only fermented vinegar and free from any unwanted additional chemical elements, like petrochemicals, that can occur in other fermentation processes, Niacet’s ProNiaturèl offers transparency, purity and integrity throughout the entire portfolio.

The new range offers manufacturers looking to produce clean label products pure, transparent, and effective ingredient alternatives to chemical preservation ingredients. Today’s consumer is increasingly concerned with what goes into their food, with more and more people actively seeking out ‘free-from’ products with natural claims. The new ProNiaturèl range answers this demand, with a variety of effective microbial control products, all entirely clean label.

ProNiaturèl N

ProNiaturèl N is developed in order to bring clean label foods to a higher safety standard and can be used in Meat, Poultry, Fish, RTE meals, vegetables, sauces and dips, without affecting the color, taste and texture  of these products.

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ProNiaturèl Ns

ProNiaturèl Ns is a readily soluble powder that can be applied in various clean label food-processing steps, in dry blends and brines, in order to bring clean label foods to a higher safety standard and to extend the shelf life.

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ProNiaturèl Nc

The first product launched in the ProNiaturèl line – ProNiaturèl Nc – is designed specifically for baked goods. Utilizing pure calcium vinegar salts to control mold growth and extend shelf-life, it can be labeled as neutralized vinegar, dry vinegar or vinegar salt

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