Acetates & Vinegars

Niacet’s  acetates are widely used in several different industries and for various applications. In animal feed, acetates are used to carry various minerals to enhance performance or provide trace minerals. As a food additive, acetates are used as a buffering agent, mold inhibition and flavoring. Technical applications range from the use in resins, coatings, detergents, dyes, heat packs, carbon black, drilling fluids, ceramics, leather tanning, fire extinguishers, polymers, carpet backing, textile dyeing and conditioning, photography, lubricants, anti-freeze, and personal hygiene products, to mention just a few applications. 

The main functionality of acetates is pH adjustment, crystallization aid, or as a catalyst or reagent. The functionality of acetates in the pharmaceutical industry is similar, and acetates are used in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals or in the preparation of dialysis fluids or as API.
Vinegars are used in food as a clean label alternative to acetates (which are based on chemically produced acetic acid) and have similar applications as their chemical equivalents.