Product Families

Product Families
The products Niacet produces can be split in various product families, based on the raw material(s) used. 

Acetates & Vinegars

Niacet’s acetates are widely used in several different industries and for various applications. In animal feed, acetates are used to carry various minerals to enhance performance or provide trace minerals. As a food additive, acetates are used as buffering agents, mold inhibitors or flavorings. Technical applications range from the use in resins, coatings, detergents, dyes, heat packs, carbon black production, drilling fluids, ceramics, leather tanning, fire extinguishers, polymers, carpet backing, textile dyeing and conditioning, photography, lubricants, anti-freeze, and personal hygiene products, to mention just a few. The main functionality of acetates is pH adjustment, crystallization aid, or as a catalyst or reagent. The functionality of acetates in the pharmaceutical industry is similar, and acetates are used in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals or the preparation of dialysis fluids or as an API. 

Naturally fermented vinegars are used in food as a clean label alternative to acetates (which are based on chemically produced acetic acid) and have similar applications as their chemical equivalents.


Niacet’s propionates are used in different application areas in the Feed, Food and Pharmaceutical industries, mainly to control the growth of molds. In the feed industry propionates are added to animal feed (as preservative), but also serve as an energy source. In food, the main application is in baked goods, to control the mold growth after baking and further processing. 

In pharmaceutical applications, propionates are used in topical treatments of molds in humans and animals.


Lactylates are emulsifiers for the bakery industry, produced from lactic acid and stearic acid.


Niacet’s technical acetates, surfactants and Monochloroacetic acid are widely used in a variety of industries.

Our products are used in industrial applications for pH adjustment, crystallization aids, or as catalysts / reagents. Resins, coatings, detergents, hard surface cleaners, dyes, heat packs, carbon black, drilling fluids, ceramics, leather tanning agents, fire extinguisher media, polymers, carpet backing, off-set printing solutions, textile dyes and conditioners, photography solutions, lubricants, anti-freeze, and personal hygiene products are just a few of the applications where Niacet’s products can be used.


Niaproof Anionic Surfactants (NAS) are common ingredients in a variety of applications. They are ideal for hot alkaline or hot acid solutions, Niaproof surfactants work well in the strongest acids, salt solutions, alkali, and for oxidizing systems. Versatile Niaproof surfactants offer high solubilizing power in electrolytes, plus all the wetting, dispersing, penetrating, spreading, emulsifying and detergent properties you need. 

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