Progusta (Food)

The Progusta product-range comprises all the acetate-based food-grade products and are used as functional ingredients in many kinds of foods. Acetates are used as buffering agents, mold inhibitors, flavorings and pH regulators and are available in different physical forms.

Progusta Sodium Diacetate

Progusta SD effectively supplies free acetic acid in a solid form with a concentration of 39-41% so it can be also considered as artificial dry vinegar. Progusta SD is used as a buffering agent to control the acidity of food products. In addition, it can also be used as a preservative to extend shelf life of food products and as a flavoring agent to impart a vinegar taste, for example in potato crisps with salt and vinegar taste. Progusta SD (sodium diacetate) can be used either as an buffering agent for acidity regulation or as a flavoring agent.

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Progusta Calcium Acetate

Calcium acetate is an effective growth inhibitor of many bacteria and molds. It is widely employed in bread and other bakery products to extend shelf-life and to prevent rope formation. The high moisture content of bakery goods encourages the growth of molds and rope bacteria. Rope spoilage is characterized by a sticky, wet, and brownish crumb as well as an unpleasant smell. Rope forming bacteria and many mold spores are heat resistant and survive the temperatures of the baking process. Also, re-contamination can occur. These are all good reasons to use a preservative to extend the shelf life of bakery

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Progusta Potassium Acetate

Progusta PA (Potassium Acetate) and Progusta PD (Potassium Diacetate) are no-sodium buffering agents, flavoring agents, and also growth inhibitors of molds and bacteria found in various foods products. Due to their no sodium content, both products can be offered as alternatives of the Progusta SA (Sodium Acetate) and Progusta SD (Sodium Diacetate) for the production of low sodium food products.

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