Calprona Niacet Calprona Sodium Propionate feed ·

Calprona SP prevents spoilage and recontamination of animal feed, improves the digestibility of the feed (resulting in higher feed efficiency) and acts as an additional source of minerals and energy.

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Following documents are available for download:

Technical Data Sheet Sodium Propionate Feed
Safety Data Sheet Sodium Propionate Feed
Product Specification Sheet Sodium Propionate Feed

Calprona SP can be applied directly to the animal feed in the dry form or it can be dissolved in water before application. Calprona SP is very pure and dissolves easily without any insolubles.

Recommended dosage
The recommended dosage for Calprona SP is 0.5 – 3 kg per 1000 kg feed depending on the application and local legislation.

Available grades and packaging

Calprona SP powder and Calprona SP agglomerate are available in 20 kg resp. 25kg small bags.

Safety precautions
Calprona SP has no classification. Always check the Material Safety Data Sheet and Label before using the product. This product is produced in the Netherlands.

Soluble mold control agent