Calprona Niacet Calprona Sodium Diacetate feed ·

Calprona SD is used in animal feed as an additive to lower the pH, either to neutralize certain recipes or to acidify them, depending on the application.

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Following documents are available for download:

Technical Data Sheet - Calprona SD
Product Specification Sheet

Calprona SD can be applied directly to the animal feed in the dry form or it can be dissolved in water before use. Calprona SD is very pure and dissolves easily without any insolubles.

Available grades and packaging

Sodium Diacetate is listed in the European Union Register of Feed Additives as E262
pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003. Calprona SD is GMP+ FSA assured.

The recommended dosage for Calprona SD is dependent on the desired pH and the initial pH.
No general recommendation can be given.

Calprona SD is stable for 2 years from the date of production. Physical stability and appearance
may change before the end of shelf-life if not stored in the well-closed original packaging,
dry and at ambient temperature.

Calprona SD crystal is available in 25kg bags.

Safety precautions
Calprona SD is classified with hazard statement H318 (causes serious eye damage). Always check the Safety Data Sheet and label before using this product. This product is produced in the Netherlands.

Feed acidifier