Provian Provian NDVs (Sodium Neutralized Dry Vinegar) food ·

Provian NDVs is supplied as a free-flowing powder made from naturally fermented vinegar.

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Following documents are available for download:

Technical Data Sheet - Provian NDVs
Product Specification Sheet - Provian NDVs
Safety Data Sheet – Provian NDVs
Product Brochure - Provian NDVs

Provian NDVs was developed as a functional composition aimed at shelf life extension and food safety of meat, poultry, and fish applications.

Provian NDVs is very effective in inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria, for example, Listeria monocytogenes, and ensuring food safety.

As a readily soluble powder, Provian NDVs can be applied in various meat-processing steps, in dry blends and brines.

Available grades and packaging

Legislation & Certification
Provian NDVs is sodium neutralized dry vinegar, produced from naturally fermented vinegar.
According to FSIS and EU legislation, it can, therefore, be labeled as a Dry Vinegar and no additional
labeling is required. Before use please carefully check local legislation.

Provian NDVs is non-GMO.

The suggested dosage for optimal effects is 0.4 – 1.0 % of Provian NDVs based on the total meat formulation.
To determine the optimal dosage for the intended application it is recommended to test Provian NDVs in the final product.

Provian NDVs is stable for 2 years from the date of production. Physical stability and appearance can change before the end of shelf-life if the product is not stored in the closed original packing, kept dry and at room temperature or if the pallets are stacked.

Safety precautions
There are no specific safety precautions for Provian NDVs. This product is produced in the USA.

Clean label and sodium free
Taste enhancing effect
Dry powdered vinegar for shelf life extension