ProNiaturèl ProNiaturèl N

ProNiaturèl N is developed for preservation and safety of all natural and clean label foods.

Vinegar has been used around the world as a preservation agent for food for many, many years. Niacet has developed a concept to utilize ProNiaturèl N as a vinegar-based preservation agent in a completely dry form. This product is an odorless free-flowing powder that can be formulated into a wide range of product formulations.

ProNiaturèl N is developed in order to bring clean label foods to a higher safety standard and can be used in Meat, Poultry, Fish, RTE meals, vegetables, sauces and dips, without affecting the color, taste and texture  of these products.

ProNiaturèl N does not contain any sodium which provides an excellent solution for the production of low sodium products.

In order to emphasize the biobased origin of ProNiaturèl N, every batch is subjected to a C-14 analyses.

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Following documents are available for download:

Technical Data Sheet ProNiaturèl N
Safety Data Sheet ProNiaturèl N
Product Specification Sheet ProNiaturèl N

Globally, the production of low sodium foods is stimulated or even enforced by many initiatives since high sodium intake is directly linked to increased blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Because it is potassium based, ProNiaturèl N will not add sodium to the product it is used in (or even reduce sodium levels when replacing a sodium-based preservative).

ProNiaturèl N is produced from naturally fermented vinegar. This is confirmed on the basis of a C14 analysis.  According to relevant legislations, ProNiaturèl N can be labeled as (Dry) Vinegar, Neutralized Vinegar or Buffered Vinegar*. ProNiaturèl N can be used in meat and poultry products labeled with a natural claim**.

* According to FSIS and Leatherhead

** USDA/FSIS approval letter available

Food preservation
Processed foods should be produced according to high standards of hygiene so that they are safe and tasty. Because convenience is one of the main drivers of consumers, processed foods should also have a long shelf life. So the main challenge that food manufacturers are facing is the production of safe, tasty products with the longest shelf life possible.

Food safety issues like outbreaks of foodborne diseases have a serious impact on the image and financial health of food producers. Those food safety issues are mainly related to the growth of pathogens such as Listeria, Salmonella, Escherichia coli, etc. To prevent those serious issues, the production of food products should incorporate different hurdles to reduce, eliminate or control the growth of those pathogens. One of the most effective antimicrobial intervention technologies is the usage of antimicrobials or preservatives to prevent or control the growth of microorganisms of food products. In line with that, the ProNiaturèl product line offered by Niacet is based on the long-known effect of vinegar against bacterial spoilage and therefore assure shelf-life and food safety.

ProNiaturèl N is based on natural vinegar and are fully neutralized, meaning it can be labeled as neutralized vinegar, dry vinegar or vinegar salt.

ProNiaturèl N is developed as a functional composition aimed at shelf life extension and food safety of ready to eat meals, (RTE), spreads and sauces, but also meat-, poultry- and fish applications. ProNiaturèl N is very effective in inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria, for example, Listeria monocytogenes, and ensuring food safety. Also, its zero sodium content provides an excellent solution for the production of low sodium food products.

As a free-flowing and readily soluble agglomerate, ProNiaturèl N can be applied in various food -processing steps, in dry blends and in brines.

The suggested dosage for optimal effect is 0.4 – 1.0 % of ProNiaturèl N based on the total food formulation. To determine the optimal dosage for the intended application it is recommended to test ProNiaturèl N in the final product.

ProNiaturèl N is potassium buffered dry vinegar, produced from naturally fermented vinegar. According to FSIS and EU-legislation, it can, therefore, be labeled as a Dry Vinegar and no additional labeling is required. Before use please carefully check local legislation.

ProNiaturèl N is stable for 2 years from the date of production. Physical stability and appearance can change before the end of shelf-life if the product is not stored in the closed original packing, kept dry and at room temperature or if the pallets are stacked.

Available grades and packaging

ProNiaturèl N is available as an agglomerate and is packed in 25kg bags.

Safety precautions
There are no specific safety precautions for ProNiaturèl N.