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The first product launched in the IsoAge CaIsoAge Ca – is designed specifically for baked goods. Utilizing pure calcium vinegar salts to control mold growth and extend shelf-life, it can be labeled as neutralized vinegar, dry vinegar or vinegar salt.

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Following documents are available for download:

Technical Data Sheet - IsoAge Ca
Product Specification Sheet - IsoAge Ca
Safety Data Sheet - IsoAge Ca

IsoAge Ca is an effective clean label growth inhibitor of most bacteria and to a limited extent mold. It can be used as a direct replacement for calcium acetate and be used in for example bakery applications where propionates are not desired.

In bakery applications the recommended dosage for IsoAge Ca is 0.5 – 0.75% based on flour weight.

In other applications, the dosage depends on many factors like initial contamination, environment, and shelf-life demands. In all cases, it is advisable to carry out a challenge or shelf-life test, so that the precise effects on odor, flavor, product structure, and microbial control can be determined.

Other applications include antimicrobial, buffering agent, stabilizer, firming agent, leavening agent, calcium fortification, etc.

Available grades and packaging

IsoAge Ca is a clean label calcium buffered dry vinegar, produced from naturally fermented vinegar. According to FSIS and EU legislation, it can, therefore, be labeled as a Dry Vinegar and no additional labeling is required. Before use please carefully check local legislation. Packaging ProNiaturèl Nc is available in 20kg bags.

Safety precautions
There are no specific safety precautions for IsoAge Ca. This product is produced in the Netherlands.


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Today’s consumers are more health conscious than ever before, particularly when it comes to their food. Products are expected to have shorter, cleaner, and clearer labels.

In fact, research has shown that 62% of consumers worldwide now try to avoid all artificial ingredients.

In order to keep up with this trend, the clean label market is expected to maintain its enormous growth, and to double in value from 2018 to reach $64.1 billion by 2026 with the bakery and confectionery segment as the second to largest contributor to this number.

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