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Calprona CA is an effective growth inhibitor of bacteria as well as a palatable source of calcium with high purity, solubility and bioavailability and it is compatible with all kinds of animal feed and premixes.

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Following documents are available for download:

Technical Data Sheet Calcium Acetate Feed
Safety Data Sheet Calcium Acetate Feed
Product Specification Sheet Calcium Acetate Feed

Calprona CA is used as a preservative and is very effective in controlling microbes (bacteria and molds) in animal feed and premixes. Calprona CA is also a direct source of energy for the animals and improves the milkfat production in dairy cows. Since it has a low Buffering or Acid Binding Capacity (ABC), Calprona CA allows easier gastric acidification of the digests in monogastric animals.

Recommended dosage
The recommended dosage for Calprona CA is 2 – 5 kg per 1000 kg in compound feed for monogastric animals. To increase the milkfat and/or to prevent milk fever in dairy cows, a daily uptake of 50 – 200 grams per animal is recommended.

Available grades and packaging

Legislation: Calcium acetate is listed in the European Union Register of Feed Additives as E263
pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003. Calprona CP is GMP+ FSA assured.

Stability: Calprona CA is stable for 2 years from date of production. Physical stability and appearance may change before
the end of shelf-life if not stored in well closed original packaging, dry and at ambient temperature.

Packaging: Calprona CA powder is available in 20 kg bags. Safety precautions Calprona CA is not classified.
Always check the Material Safety Data Sheet and Label before using the product. This product is produced
in the Netherlands.

Rich in Calcium
High bioavailability
Highly soluble