Product Ontwikkeling & Research maart 6, 2020

Product Development & Research

New product development & tailor made specialty products

During the development of new products, an essential step is the scale-up from laboratory scale to production scale. At Niacet Tiel, we perform scale-up experiments in our Fine Chemical Unit (FCU) where we have access to reaction vessels, crystallization vessels, various centrifuges, a fluidized bed dryer, a nauta-mixer and a spray dryer, all capable of producing multi-kilogram quantities of new (food-grade) products.

Beside the use of the FCU as an intermediate step during scale-up, we also use this unit for small scale productions of new products and the production of custom made specialty products in quantities up to 1 MT. In close cooperation with customers, our chemical technologists, organic and analytical chemists, and experienced production personnel develop new production methods and perform the actual production and analysis of these tailor made specialty products. Versatility, high quality, and speed are keywords for our unique service to provide customers with these specialty products.

Some examples of products developed and/or produced in our FCU:

  • First batch of Potassium Diacetate
  • Various lactate-salts spray dried to obtain solid lactates
  • Liquid acids on solid carrier

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Application research

For the use of Niacet products in new applications, or the use of new products in existing applications, we have a specialized application laboratory.

This laboratory mainly focuses on bakery and meat applications but has various types of food-processing and –analysis equipment available to investigate many other applications as well.

Additionally, we have long standing contacts with several leading universities and research organizations worldwide. In close cooperation with our technical and application specialists, they perform application tests, challenge tests and shelf life experiments on various food products.

Recently, we have extended our in-house research capabilities with a (Food) microbiology laboratory, which gives the possibility to investigate and get a deeper understanding of the microbiological causes of food and meat spoilage.

The above mentioned competencies form the basis for solutions and next generation products to support food safety and shelf life extension. Moreover, they allow us to perform experiments needed to build specific knowledge and to serve customers quickly.

If you have questions about the application of our products in specific industries (like bakery, meat-processing, etc.) we have the right team of Technical and Application Specialists, with backgrounds in analytical chemistry, process chemistry, organic chemistry and microbiology available help you.

Some examples of recent application research:

  • Bread preservation tests with various propionates
  • Influence of various propionates on yeast activity
  • Caking/lumping prevention in our solid products
  • Taste effect of various products on bread
  • Microbiological identification of spoilage issue in meat and food products
  • Firming and extending the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables with calcium-based salts

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