Application info

Application info for Progusta CA Calcium Acetate

Progusta CA (calcium acetate) is used as a preservative in bread and other bakery goods. High moisture content of bakery goods encourages the growth of bacteria causing rope formation. Rope is characterized by making the crumb brownish, sticky, wet and with an unpleasant smell. Rope forming bacteria are heat resistant and survive the temperatures of the baking process. The use of a preservative is therefore beneficial in extending the shelf life of bakery goods.  Progusta CA as an effective anti-rope agent does not affect the fermentation process, baking results or taste of the bread.

Since there are many factors affecting the mold and bacteria growth rate on bread, the levels of used Progusta CA cannot be correlated precisely with the extension of the shelf life. In general, however, for standard bread recipes, a concentration of 0.2 – 0.5% based on flour weight is recommended. In addition, calcium acetate is preferred in rolls and bread because it contributes to enrichment by supplying calcium.