Progusta Potassium Acetate/Diacetate

Progusta Potassium Acetate/Diacetate

Progusta PA (Potassium Acetate) and Progusta PD (Potassium Diacetate) are no-sodium buffering agents, flavoring agents and also growth inhibitors of molds and bacteria found in various foods products. Due to their no sodium content, both products can be offered as alternatives of the Progusta SA (Sodium Acetate) and Progusta SD (Sodium Diacetate) for the production of low sodium food products.

Acidity regulator

Progusta PA and Progusta PD can be used as buffering agents to make pH buffering systems in food. They can be used in low sodium foods as replacement for sodium acetate and sodium diacetate respectively. Due to their dry form, they can be applied either in dry or liquid pre-blends or directly to the final food product.

Flavoring agent

Progusta PA and Progusta PD can be used as flavoring agents to impart a vinegar taste to food products, for example potato crisps  and other snacks or potato salads.  Especially Progusta PD effectively supplies free acetic acid in a solid form and it can be used separately or in conjunction with other additives in powdered or liquid seasonings with no sodium content. Progusta PA is also a flavoring agent and can be used as a no sodium alternative of sodium acetate. With both products, there might be a slight “metallic” taste due to potassium but it can be overcome by product reformulation.


Acetates can act as preservatives. Progusta PA and Progusta PD can be used in processed meat products and ready to eat meals as low sodium replacement for Progusta SA (Sodium Acetate) and Progusta SD (Sodium Diacetate) respectively.

In all cases, it is advisable to carry out an initial test, so that the precise effects on product properties can be determined. Finally, you should always check the local legislation for the exact dosage levels and allowed applications.