Provian K the new generation antimicrobial for meat – May 28, 2015

Antimicrobials for meat continue evolving, finding better more efficient ways to control pathogens like Listeria, Salmonella and other spoilage microorganisms.  The new generation antimicrobials are designed to improve performance, reduce costs and offer healthier low sodium alternatives to current technologies.

Leading this new generation of antimicrobials is Provian K, a zero sodium alternative effective at very low levels of use, capable of controlling Listeria and spoilage microorganisms in meat products.

Provian K offers superior performance to lactates.  Several studies demonstrate how Provian K is 5 times more effective in controlling Listeria than lactate blends.  At 0.5% dosage, Provian K is equally effective as 2.5% dosage of lactate.  The superior dissociation efficiency of the active potassium acetate/diacetate ingredient in Provian K, translates into a more powerful force in controlling bacteria.  Lower dosage, means lower costs.  Studies found that in turkey ham, stored at 4 degrees Celsius, 0.25% Provian K was as effective as 2.5% sodium lactate/sodium diacetate blend (56:4) in controlling Listeria.  10 times less Provian K equaled the inhibition results of the current treatment standard of lactate acetate blends (0.25% vs 2.5%).  Studies also show that shelf life can be extended to 90 and 120 days, with no microbial growth of Listeria, at dosage levels of 0.75% Provian K and storage temperatures of 7 degrees Celsius.  Provian K is a most powerful and impressive antimicrobial for meat products.

Provian K’s superior effectiveness means lower cost formulations.  As a free flowing powder, Provian K lowers warehousing and freight costs as well, and avoids the special handling and dosing problems with liquid based antimicrobials.

And if you are worried about potassium based ingredients affecting taste, such is not the case with Provian K.  Statistically designed taste and sensory panels found no residual flavors or after taste in meat products containing this new generation of antimicrobial.  Niacet’s proprietary manufacturing process ensures Provian K does not affect taste or other sensory profiles.

Quite simply, Provian K extends shelf life in all types of meat products, cured and un-cured, by inhibiting the growth of Listeria and other spoilage microorganisms.  Dosages at 0.5% of the finished meat product (one-fifth of current liquid based antimicrobials) effectively control Listeria, offering lower cost of use formulations to the meat industry.  The easy to use powder form makes it “plant friendly”, avoiding the hassles of liquid based antimicrobials while minimizing freight and warehouse costs.

For your meat products, choose the next generation of antimicrobials.  Choose Provian K – your lower cost, sodium free, easy to use shelf-life extender.