Partnership with Alexander Chemical Corporation to produce Anhydrous Hydrogen Chloride

Alexander Chemical Corporation, a Carus Company, and Niacet Corporation have entered into a partnership to produce both technical and electronic grade Anhydrous Hydrogen Chloride (AHCl). The partnership will provide a reliable high quality second source to the industry.

Alexander Chemical: Alexander has over 40 years AHCl and other specialty gas experience. Alexander Chemical’s state of the art anhydrous hydrogen chloride packaging plant includes facilities for railcar handling, tube trailer, cylinder and container filling. Alexander offers extensive cylinder and container maintenance services, and comprehensive container management programs.

Niacet Corporation: Established in 1924, Niacet was formed by the joint ownership of Carbide and Carbon Chemicals, Dupont, and Shawinigan Power. Niacet’s name was derived from “Niagara Acetylene”. In 1978, Niacet Corporation purchased the plant facilities and business, including its highly skilled and experienced production and management staff.

With production facilities in both Niagara Falls, NY and Tiel the Netherlands, Niacet has the largest capacity in the world for metal acid salts such as Sodium Acetate, a buffering agent, Sodium Diacetate, and Calcium Propionate. Niacet is the only U.S. producer of Sodium Phenoxy Acetate (SPA), an intermediate used in the fermentation of penicillin. In 1989, a state of the art Monochloroacetic Acid production unit was commissioned. This production unit supplies bulk quantities of Monochloroacetic Acid and co-product Hydrochloric Acid to industrial customers. Niacet is a member of the American Chemistry Council and has ISO 9001 and GMA Safe certifications.

Project Background: High Grade AHCl is a co-product from Niacet’s Monochloroacetic Acid process. The AHCl will be further purified using a cryogenic distillation and a proprietary filtration system. Both technical and electronic grade AHCl will be available from the Niagara Falls facility in 21,000 lb. tube trailers. Standard 60 lb cylinders and 600 lb Y-Containers will be available from the Alexander, Kingsbury, IN facility.

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