Niaproof Anionic Surfactant 08 is Cleangredients Certified – January, 2014

Niaproof® Anionic Surfactant 08 has been granted Cleangredients® certification by the U.S. Environmental Protection agency. Cleangredients® formulation ingredients are approved for use in thousands of products with the Design for Environment (DfE) label.

Niaproof® Anionic Surfactant 08 is both biodegradable and formaldehyde free; it is approved by the FDA as an adhesive and paper component in food packaging, and for use in washing fruit and vegetables.  The DfE certification includes formulations applied for crop growing and animal use.  Niaproof® Anionic Surfactant 08 is currently the first and only DfE-recognized 2 ethylhexyl sulfate product on the market.

With the demand for green chemistries on the rise, this Cleangredients certification will benefit your environmentally friendly product portfolio.

Niacet Niaproof® Anionic Surfactants are highly versatile alcohol sulfates with exceptional wetting, dispersing, penetrating, spreading, emulsifying, and detergent properties.  Although ideal for hot alkaline and hot acid solutions, they are also used in a wide range of other applications, including household and industrial cleaners, carpet cleaning solutions, fountain solutions, metal processing and cleaning, and pharmaceuticals.