Niacet Tiel participates in Dutch Day of Chemistry – September 26, 2015

On Saturday September 26th the Niacet site in Tiel, the Netherlands participated in the national Day of Chemistry (‘Dag van de Chemie’) with an Open House. The Day of Chemistry is an initiative of the chemical industry organization, VNCI, and is organized every two years in the Netherlands. 


The Tiel site opened its doors from 10:00 am to 16:00 pm and welcomed nearly 1,000 visitors.  Family and friends of employees joined the many visitors from the Tiel area for a full tour of the plant.  All departments were open to visit and people could learn about the production processes and the application of the products. With lots of activities, including laboratory experiments, electrical and mechanical exhibits, fire safety drills, and process demonstrations, all visitors left the site with an enhanced appreciation for the business of chemistry and our local facility.  The enthusiasm and pride of our 100 volunteers including employees, retirees, and family members made the day a big success.