Niacet Announces Rebranding Food Products – summer 2013

Following the recent acquisition of Kemira ChemSolutions’ propionate and acetate business along with the Tiel production facility in the Netherlands, we are pleased to inform you that as a next step we are also rebranding our current products. This effort is being coordinated between Niacet’s US and Netherlands locations and the same bag layout will be used for both facilities.

The conversion has already begun and when completed, only Niacet’s name will be shown on all bags and labels. This exercise is expected to be completed on August 31, 2013.

The following changes can be expected:

  • Calcium Propionate supplied to the North American market will be primarily produced in the US. Calcium Propionate sold to European customers will be primarily produced in the Netherlands. Calcium Propionate supplied to other geographical regions will be produced at the same production facility as before until further notice.
  • The Kemira ChemSolutions acquisition included the “Probake” trademark which will be used for the propionate product line at both facilities.
  • The term “agglomerate” previously used by Kemira ChemSolutions will be changed to “granular” for Calcium Propionate only, in line with Niacet US terminology. Likewise, the term “Calcium Propionate LD” used by Niacet US will be rebranded to “Calcium Propionate Powder”.
  • Niacet's trademark "CrystalPro" will continue to be used for the crystalline calcium propionate produced in the Niacet US plant.
  • The Kemira ChemSolutions’ brand names for Food products will be slightly changed: instead of the number indicating the physical state (1=agglomerate, 2=powder, 3=crystal, etc.) the new brand names will describe the actual physical state (i.e. granular, agglomerate, powder, crystal, etc.).
  • Bags will clearly state the country of manufacture.
  • The construction, material and dimensions of the bags and pallets will remain unchanged.
  • For our pharmaceutical products, there will not be a change in production location, manufacturing methods or packaging type, other than the change of the company name on bags and labels.

We at Niacet appreciate your business. We will continue to provide World-Class Quality and maintain a World-Class Reputation.  If you have any further questions, please contact us via the usual ways, or go to our contact page.

For an overview of the changes due to the rebranding, you can view this presentation for products produced by Niacet US and this presentation for products produced by Niacet b.v. the Netherlands. If you have any questions, please contact us via the "contact" page.