Awards competition Open House Niacet, Tiel – October 30, 2013

On Wednesday October 30, 2013 the winners of the Open House competition visited the Niacet location in Tiel for the second time in one month. They were welcomed by Martin van Heiningen, Director of Operations, who thanked everybody for their visit to the plant during the Open House on October 5th.

The awards, tickets for Theatre Agnietenhof in Tiel, cinema vouchers and iTunes giftcards, were presented to the winners, who all had completed the questionnaire correctly.

While enjoying a drink, there was time to chat about the Open House, that was considered to be a huge success, both by Niacet and by the visitors. Everybody agreed that the visit had been very interesting. And they were all pleasantly surprised by the openness with which the company was shown to the visitors and the amount of information that was presented, e.g. about the many applications of the salts produced in Tiel. Also the enthusiastic way the staff talked about their work had impressed the visitors.

The winners are: Niels van Deutekom, Natasha van Olderen, Mathijs Hogeboom, Geertje Beije, Quinty van Baaren (not present) and Jeroen Pas (not present).