Meat preservation

Provian® Meat Preservation

Due to continuous scientific progress and progressive awareness concerning meat preservation, the market for meat preservatives has moved. It moved away from high dosage liquid solutions,  mainly based on sodium lactate, towards solid low-inclusion antimicrobials based on (di)acetates.  The Niacet Provian® range is on the forefront of these developments.

Food Safety and Shelf-life Extension with Provian:

  • Highly efficient at dosages as low as 0,5% (see graphs), Confirmed by independent studies Dry, free-flowing powders (click here for references)

  • Low-sodium and No-sodium products, significantly decreasing the sodium content of meat-products (see table)

  • No negative effects on sensory parameters (see graph). No significant difference in liking scores between control and a product with Provian K or a competitor product, so no off-flavors due to potassium

  • Clean label solutions based on vinegar (Provian NDV)

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Provian K, a Sodium free powder for Food Safety and Shelf-life Extension:

The trend for sodium reduction is clear. Food companies want to comply with the WHO advice to reduce sodium content, but often struggle with increased costs or flavor impact. Our white paper explains how the safety and shelf life of your meat product can be increased without any addition of sodium and at lower costs than your current way of preservation.

Listeria Control and Shelf-life Extension with Provian is predicted by FSSP:

 Food Spoilage and Safety Predictor (FSSP)

Sodium Reduction with minimal impact on your Water Activity:

 Water activitiy calculator

Our Portfolio of Meat Preservation products:

References - scientific publications for Provian efficacy:

Research papers and predictive models have confirmed the excellent effect of acetates on microbial growth.

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