Application info Provian NDV

Application info for Provian®NDV

Provian®NDV is developed as a functional composition aimed at shelf life extension and food safety of meat-, poultry- and fish applications.

Provian NDV is very effective in inhibiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria, for example Listeria monocytogenes, and ensuring food safety. In addition, its zero sodium content provides an excellent solution for the production of low sodium meat products.

As a free flowing and readily soluble agglomerate, Provian NDV can be applied in various meat-processing steps, in dry blends and in brines.



The suggested dosage for optimal effect is 0.4 – 1.0 % of Provian NDV based on the total meat formulation.

To determine the optimal dosage for the intended application it is recommended to test Provian NDV in the final product.