Available grades and packaging

Available grades and packaging


Sodium acetate and Sodium lactate are GRAS. In Europe, Provian is approved according to the "quantum satis" principle. In the US, Provian A is allowed according to the FSIS rules.


Provian A is stable for 2 years from date of production. Physical stability and appearance may change before the end of shelf-life if not stored single-stacked in well closed original packaging, dry and at room temperature.


The product is hygroscopic and will absorb water from the air if not stored in air tight packaging. Whenever storing opened bags, please make sure that they are properly closed to prevent wetting or lumping of the product.


Provian A is provided in 10kg & 20kg bags.

Safety precautions

Provian A has no classification. However, always check the Safety Data Sheet before using the product.