Essiccum® & Essiccum® K

Essiccum® & Essiccum® K

Dry vinegar blends for flavoring

Essiccum® and Essiccum® K are the latest additions to the Niacet flavoring portfolio and are developed to deliver a balanced vinegar flavor to snacks and foods in the form of a dry and free flowing product.

Compared to other acid blends in the market, Essiccum® and Essiccum® K offer a very pure taste profile and are in many cases more appreciated than the alternatives. Essiccum® and Essiccum® K also have a higher acid concentration then pure sodium diacetate or other acid blends and therefore lower quantities can be used to achieve the same flavor effect. This results in a more cost-effective ingredient.

Application area’s for Essiccum® and Essiccum® K include: seasoning salts, soups, dressings, marinades, sauces and (freeze)dried vegetables.

Physical form

Essiccum® and Essiccum® K are free flowing and stable blends of sodium diacetate and various other ingredients. The fine granulation of both products makes them ideal for blending with other dry ingredients without the risk of segregation afterwards. And due to the unique production process, both blends are more stable than other sodium diacetate blends on the market.  This means Essiccum® and Essiccum® K are compatible with most common ingredients and can be used very well in blends and mixes.

Dosage & efficacy

Essiccum® and Essiccum® K are used in instant soups and sauces (sweet & sour) at a dosage normally between 2% and 5%.

Marinades (both dry and liquid) for meat, fish, poultry and vegetables which require a vinegar flavor and which have a lower pH to tenderize the product require a dosage of 5% - 10%

Essiccum® and Essiccum® K can also be used in (instant) salad dressings, dips and toppings. Normally, dosages between 5% and 7% are used. Specific applications may require higher dosages.

Sensory evaluation

Both Essiccum® and Essiccum® K have been evaluated by a consumer panel on the following parameters:

- Taste                            - Salt

- Mild/sharp                  - Sour

- Seasoning                   - Bitter

- Sweet

 The conclusion of this evaluation is that no significant difference was found in taste between a product based on natural vinegar and Essiccum® and Essiccum® K. This shows that both products are a very suitable replacement of liquid vinegar. The spider web below shows the findings of this sensory evaluation for Essiccum® K.

Advantages over liquid vinegar

Essiccum® and Essiccum® K have some clear advantages compared to liquid vinegars:

- Dry: they can be used in dry mixes

- Pure: they offer a pure and excellent taste

- Concentrated: the required dosage is low

- Colorless: Essiccum® K is colorless.

- Cost-effective: Essiccum® and Essiccum® K are cost-effective due to the low dosage