Tailor-made Solutions

During the development of new products, the essential step is the scale-up from laboratory to production. At Niacet, we preform scale-up experiments in our Fine Chemical Unit (FCU) where we have access to reaction vessels, crystallization vessels, various centrifuges, a fluidized bed dryer, a Nauta-mixer and a spray dryer, all capable of producing multi-kilogram quantities of new (food-grade) products.

We utilize our small-scale production capabilities in the development of new products for customers that have special requests and requirements for small product runs. We maintain a full professional staff of technologists, organic and analytical chemists to meet unique requirements and maintain a high level of versatility and quality control.

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Applications Research

For the use of Niacet products in new applications, or the use of new products in existing applications, we have a specialized application laboratory.

Our application focus is diverse and covers many different areas in sweet, savory, and meat flavor profiles.

Niacet has a long-standing presence in working with leading university research institutes on a global basis to accelerate, validate, and enhance our technical efforts. One of our most recent in-house capabilities has been the commissioning of a new food microbiology laboratory. This capability provides us the unique benefit of working more closely with our customers to validate product and technology options.

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