Clean label

Clean label in the food industry, as well as many other industries, has become important to many consumers. Niacet has been on the leading edge on the clean label trend by developing a vinegar-based product offering that supports and meets clean label food regulations. We will continue technology development efforts in this space and create new and differentiated product offers that will support what our customers and consumers demand.

How is clean label defined?

What can be considered clean label is, at times, subjective. It is associated with natural ingredients, simplicity, and food transparency. Generally, clean label is defined as ingredients that are easily understood and recognized by consumers. One approach to reach a clean label status is the minimalization of the label. Consumers will generally have a positive reaction to simple, easier to understand ingredients on their food items.

Food additives with an E-number are well regulated, and the dosage is determined based on the average daily intake and the possible impact on human health. Clean label provokes to circumvent this system by making use of natural alternatives for chemical e numbers. A potential danger of this is that food authorities lose their sight on some hidden components in those clean label alternatives which could result in an exceed of safety limits for those compounds.

Vinegar is an ingredient that is well known and is based on the natural process of fermentation. Vinegar doesn’t have any safety restrictions for human health and is used in many food preparations across the world.

Clean label products

Niacet products play an important role in preservation, food safety and flavoring of food in different segments. In bakery applications, producers who wish to avoid E-numbers, Niacet offers ProNiaturèl Nc as a replacement for calcium propionate. To keep foods safe from pathogens, we have developed our Provian portfolio. Provian has a range of products to control pathogens like Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella and E.coli (EHEC) and can be used in a variety of foods. Provian NDV does not contain any sodium and can be used in products where sodium reduction is important. If a taste-enhancing is important, we have Progusta NDV, a product that combines a taste-enhancing effect with shelf life extension and microbial control.

Our latest product, Provian Plus, is specifically developed for plant protein-based meat substitutes. It combines food safety and shelf life extension while giving a slight boosting effect on the firmness of texture. All this, without the addition of sodium.