Knowledge confirmed by experience

Today’s consumers can easily be informed on any topic of their choosing. Information is easily available; however, the quality of information is varied. The challenge is to find the right source of information and in the case of food ingredients, a lot of misinformation is spread. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish food fact from food fiction. 

Niacet is the global leader in development for propionate and acetate technologies. Niacet is a proven leader with over 40 years of expertise in the production of propionate and acetate derived products. Additionally, we have a long history in production capabilities in specialty surfactants, emulsifiers, and industrial products.

Clean Label

Clean label in the food industry, as well as many other industries, has become important to many consumers. Niacet has been on the leading edge on the clean label trend by developing a vinegar-based product offering that supports and meets clean label food regulations. We will continue technology development efforts in this space and create new and differentiated product offers that will support what our customers and consumers demand.


The Provian product line is developed to protect processed foods and extend the shelf life by controlling foodborne pathogens and spoilage organisms. Although proper cooking is by far the best way to get rid of microorganisms, any processing step of the food after cooking will result in contamination with microorganisms. Good sanitary conditions help to reduce the microbial load, but microbial contamination itself is unavoidable. To maintain control of these microorganisms a bacteriostatic ingredient, like Provian, is added to these products. The effectiveness of Provian is proven in validation studies at prominent research institutes. Next to many references confirming the efficacy of Provian against organisms like Listeria monocytogenes, there are predictive models available to predict the outgrowth of Listeria under various conditions. Some predictive models, like the Food Safety and Spoilage Predictor (FSSP), are accepted by food authorities, which can make challenge studies even unnecessary to prove pathogen control.


Our experience in food preservation gives us the advantages of being thought leaders on the subject. Provian is proven to be effective in diverse food types, which helps to give clear advice on shelf life extension and food safety in a variety of foods. Our technical experts are ready to help you with the re-formulation of your products to achieve a reduction of sodium, improve taste and texture, reduce costs, increase shelf life and to ensure safety.

Sodium reduction

Our latest product developments for food safety and shelf life extension do not contain any sodium. The Provian family has products that are capable of meeting reduce sodium claims without sacrificing taste and texture.

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