Provian D


Meat preservation

Processed meat products should be produced according to high standards of hygiene so that they are safe and tasty. Due to the fact that convenience is one of the main drivers of consumers, processed meat products should also have a long shelf life.  So the main challenge that meat manufacturers are facing is the production of safe, tasty products with the longest shelf life possible.

In recent years, many serious meat safety issues have resulted in consumer health problems, outbreaks of foodborne diseases and meat recalls. Those meat safety issues are mainly related with the growth of pathogens such as Listeria, Salmonella, Escherichia coli etc. In order to prevent those serious problems, the production of meat products should incorporate different hurdles in order to reduce, eliminate or control the growth of those pathogens. One of the most effective antimicrobial intervention technologies is the usage of antimicrobials or preservatives in order to prevent or control growth of microorganisms of meat products. In line with that, the Provian product line offered by Niacet includes effective antimicrobials for the production of safe meat products with extended shelf life.

Meat preservation with Provian D

Provian D is supplied as a co-spray dried free flowing powder based on the combination of 3 organic salts: sodium acetate, sodium lactate and sodium diacetate.

Its dry form makes it easy to handle, convenient to store and more cost effective than liquid alternatives. It offers superior performance in extending shelf life and enhancing food safety.