Calprona ZA

Calprona ZA

Calprona ZA is a very efficient and palatable source of elemental zinc for all animal species and it is compatible with all kinds of animal feed and premixes.

Zinc is an integral part of 300 known enzymes, which catalyze more than 50 different biochemical reactions.
Zinc is essential for highly proliferating cells, especially in the immune system and it has a fundamental role in cellular growth and differentiation and is therefore of utmost importance in the development of embryos and fetuses, in correct immune response and in tissue repair.

Zinc deficiency in animals results in reduced feed intake and leads to growth retardation, affected bone growth and impaired immunity. During pregnancy, zinc deficiency can lead to increased chances on abortion or premature delivery. Zinc deficiency In pigs is associated with skin lesions (parakeratosis), diarrhea and reduced performance while in poultry it leads to poor feathering of chicks and dermatitis.

In poultry the supplementation of organic zinc reduces foot pad lesions and in molting laying hens it reduces Salmonella infection.

In dairy cattle optimized zinc levels prevent infection diseases such as mastitis and hoof infections (footrot).

Calprona ZA has a high and standardized zinc content with high purity. It is a palatable source of zinc to all animals with high solubility and bioavailability. Moreover, acetate is a direct source of energy for the animals and is used in the milkfat synthesis in dairy cows.

Recommended dosage

Dosage depends on the maximum level of zinc allowed in compound feed.

EU maximum zinc levels: 250 mg/kg feed for pets, 200 mg/kg feed for fish and 150 mg/kg feed for other species.