Calprona MA

Calprona MA

Calprona MA is a very efficient source of magnesium for all animal species and it is compatible with all kinds of animal feed and premixes.

Magnesium is a natural cofactor of many enzymes and plays important roles in the central nervous and cardiovascular systems. Research has shown it has a positive influence on bone formation, nerve-cell function and calcium and phosphorus excretions.

Magnesium levels in green feed are often too low and uptake is often insufficient when animals do not get additional magnesium via commercial feed. Low magnesium levels result in hypomagnesaemia, characterized by hyper-irritability (stress and cannibalism), tetany and convulsions in cattle and swine.

In piglets the mortality is very high with a diet low in magnesium and in fattening pigs magnesium reduces stress and improves the meat quality.

In ruminants magnesium supplements are used to prevent a drop in milk production in dairy cows related to diseases like grass tetany (deficiency of serum magnesium), when grazing lush pastures in the spring or pastures grown on soils that are low in available magnesium and high in available potassium. Magnesium facilitates both cellulose digestion and carbohydrate metabolism. Magnesium acetate restores appetite and serum magnesium and calcium levels in lactating ewes, preventing the development of tetany.

Calprona MA has a high and standardized magnesium content with a high purity. It is a palatable source of magnesium for all animals and has a high solubility and bioavailability. Moreover, magnesium acetate is a direct source of energy for the animals and is used in milkfat synthesis.

Recommended dosage

The recommended daily dosage is 50 - 200 g per animal, depending on application, animal species and local legislation.