Calprona CP

Calprona CP

Calprona CP prevents spoilage and recontamination of animal feed, improves the digestibility of the feed (resulting in higher feed efficiency) and acts as an additional source of minerals and energy.

Calprona CP can be added directly to animal feed in the dry form or it can be dissolved in water before application. It is very pure and dissolves easily without any insolubles. Calprona CP makes sure the nutritional content of the feed product is preserved and the period the feed can be used is extended. By preventing growth of molds, it also prevents the formation of mycotoxins which can cause mycotoxicosis.

Lastly, Calprona CP is also a source of energy and calcium and helps to prevent milk fever in transition cows.

Recommended dosage

The recommended dosage for Calprona CP is 0.5 – 3 kg per 1000 kg feed depending on the application and local legislation.