Niacet offers various solutions for the Animal Feed and Pet food industry, mainly focusing on spoilage prevention, feed-safety and animal health.

Feed Preservatives

Animal feeds (like maize or compound feeds) generally contain mold spores and bacteria which originate from the environment, the raw materials or the equipment used to produce these animal feeds. The mycotoxins produced by certain species of molds cause clinical disturbance and disease and the use of molded feed can lead to diarrhea, anemia, mycotic abortion and many other diseases. If bacteria are present at increased levels, they can also cause food poisoning. In general, the animal performance is reduced, resulting in economical loss. Additionally, Niacet feed preservatives prevent spoilage by recontamination of the feed; improve the digestibility of the feed (resulting in higher feed efficiency) and act as an additional source of minerals and energy.

Performance Enhancers & Mineral Supplements

Niacet Calprona Performance Enhancers are used to increase the energy uptake (to prevent grass tetany and ketosis in cows) and to increase milk-fat content. Niacet Calprona Mineral Supplements are used to reduce stress (and stress related injuries) for example after regrouping or transport of pigs and poultry.

Pet foods

Pet foods are not only susceptible to spoilage by molds and harmless bacteria, but also to contamination by pathogenic bacteria like E. Coli or Listeria spp. The use of Niacet mold inhibitors ensures maximum shelf life and food safety and safeguards the petfood against recontamination. Niacet offers a broad range of innovative products, including clean label solutions.