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Niacet is a producer of organic salts which consist of combinations of sodium, potassium or calcium and acetate or propionate. These salts are hygroscopic and will easily pick up moisture. This results in the formation of lumps and a phenomena known as “caking.”

A caked product is not free-flowing and can be difficult to handle in a production environment. As this causes issues in the application of the product, this is undesirable and as a preventive measure Niacet adds certain anti-caking agents and utilizes unique processing measures to minimize. While many of our solutions are commonly used in food and food-ingredients and are approved to be used in accordance to EU and FCC (US) legislation, we are always looking to build on our knowledge and expertise in this application space.

For the internship we have stated the following project goals and deliverables:

–              Perform an online/literature screening on the different types of anti-caking agents available.

–              (further) develop a standardized method to test caking properties

–              Test various anti-caking agents in the laboratory and possibly climate-chambers.

–              Draw conclusions from these tests and propose general principles on which the choice of an anti-caking agents can be based.

 Who are we looking for?

The candidate we are looking for is currently being educated in the field of physical/analytical/organic chemistry on MBO/HBO level. A certain degree of independency is desired as the supervisor will not always be physically present. Proficiency in English and a good knowledge of MS office and online-search techniques are requirements.

Our offer:

–              An interesting temporary position within the product & innovation team located in Tiel, the Netherlands, reporting to one of the Product & Innovation Managers.

–              working in our own Physicochemical laboratory as well as the more general analytical QC laboratory.

–              Monthly compensation

–              Highly international environment

Want to know more?

For more information please have a look around our website or contact Henk Jan van Lent (

Do you want this Internship?

If you are interested, please send your resume to the e-mail address above, together with a motivation and preferred starting date.